So finally I‘ve received new Aqualink S1 controller for Jebao pumps. I‘ve RW-15 so they will be used for them. It always was my dream to control everything through mobile phone or tablet. Now it became a reality.

First of all package that I’ve received – it looked like really good (not cheap) controller:


Controller is quite small, a bit bigger than original one, but it has 2 mounting options:

  • Hang on
  • By sticky connectors


Ok, let’s get to the real stuff now:


It is so easy to connect, you just plug your pump with new controller and that’s it – it is working.

Next what you need to do is connect to Aqualink Wireless connection and go to mobile app – AQUALINK.

That’s it – all your pumps are shown there, and you can begin with controlling them J Maybe it is too easy? J But I like what they did.



 This controller has more options of the flow. It has 6 predefined flow options:

  1. Normal mode (constant power)
  2. Pulse mode (Wave flow)
  3. Reef Mode (random constant flow) – it is good for making storms in aquarium
  4. Natural mode – pretty similar to Reef Mode but is it more gentle
  5. Mix mode – it is random flows (like all the options combined to one) – suits for storms in aquarium
  6. Gyre mode – this is quite interesting as it has intervals of flow power:
    • 1st 15 minutes
    • 2nd 15 minutes
    • 3rd 15 minutes
    • 4th 15 minutes

So the flow changes every 15 minutes as you specify.


All possible predefined flows:

The one that I’m using currently is Pulse mode. Worth to mention with this controller you have the ability to precisely control On/Off time (precision is 0.1 sec). And what is important you can go below to 0.1 sec pulsing. It is really amazing J For my reef I use 0.6 sec intervals and I’m satisfied with it.


App manual control looks like that:



I don’t know what they did but with this controller my pumps from noisy became quite silent. Sound of the pump is almost not hearable even at full speed of the pump. That is really amazing.

Nigh Mode:

Now you can set night mode when you want – no more light sensor (which was really a not usable). Now it is enough to set Time when night starts and time when the night ends + flow percentage. That’s it. And flow is reduced step by step, not right away – less stress for fishes and corals.



It is my favorite part here J

With this feature you can make a plan for 24 hours how pumps should work, each hour/minute can have different type of the flow and different strength of the flow.

For example:

  • From 10 pm to 8 am have calm flow
  • From 8 am to 1 pm have waves
  • From 1 pm to 2 pm have storm
  • From 2 pm to 10 pm have waves again

So basically you can have what you want J

And great thing is that once you make it for one pump you can copy the same schedule to another pump J


App screen for schedule looks like that:


Finally – synchronization works. With standard RW controllers it was quite hard to synchronize the flow of few pumps. Now it seems that they are working in sync.




  • Good build quality
  • Less sound from pumps using this controller
  • More options (fully customizable flow)
  • Enhanced night mode
  • Synchronization works fine
  • Easy connection
  • Scheduled feeding mode


  • Quite high price for 1 controller